we reduce

We reduced purchasing of new packaging materials by 50% by reusing boxes and packing supplies.


We work to lower the carbon footprint we generate through shipping orders by batching our online store orders once a week and partnering with our clients' in-house mail systems. 


Our 2019 sustainability goal is to reduce texture and apparel waste in the promotional products industry. We're working internally to become leaders on this issue and pass our knowledge on to our clients. 


we re-use


We avoid styrofoam packaging whenever we can. Any styrofoam we use to ship our orders is repurposed from other shipments. 


Client orders placed through our online stores are packaged with re-used boxes, with a sticker letting them know we're working to lower our environmental impact.


Discontinued samples and products are donated to thrift stores and non-profits for reuse in our local classrooms.


we recycle


Our internal recycling program put a recycling box at every employee's desk, making environmentally conscious desk work an easy choice.


We recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass through our city's recycling infrastructure.


We recycle all electronics through our city's facilities to ensure they are disposed of in harmony with the environment.


Our old apparel samples and unusable textiles are given to organizations that repurpose them into new soft materials for mattresses, insulation, and other textile-based goods.